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19 September, 2018

Working with context processors and WITH statement

We use. We forget. This is for myself so I remember the magic called Context Manager. You already must have used the "with statement" for file handling, threads, socket and other operations. I am going to talk about creating you OWN context managers.

The magic operator to be used is : @contextmanager. It can be imported from the module "contextlib"

To create a context manager, use the decorator contextlib.contextmanager

def getListCounts(x):
        from collections import Counter
        yield Counter(x)
        print 'No of elements in the list : %d' % len(x)

11 September, 2018

Regular Expressions. Lets not be greedy.

Recently faced a situation when I wanted to extracted parts of a html code. But then I realized, I have no control over the amount of information regex is giving me back.

Python: Running executables using subprocess module

There are many ways to run a bat/exe file but the most widely used is the subprocess module.
And I would like to clearly show, how exactly to do that. When should you use what arguments.
I am going to specifically talk about the check_output module .